Saturday 5 February 2011

5 February 2011 - A small wood outside Didcot, Oxon

Though the wind did blow, mild temperatures and hopefully no rain proved too much of a lure - surely the wind wasn't going to be too bad within a wood. Being woken up during the night owing to the strong winds and being greeted in the morning by heavy drizzle, things weren't looking very good - and what was going to be of interest at this time of year anyway?

- a new species for me and my first Noctuid of the year
Dotted Border - an expected addition with several of these being caught around the area
Chestnut - and a second Noctuid for me in 2011
Spring Usher - these are great wee beasties, coming in a multitude of colour forms
Spring Usher
Spring Ushers - showing just some of the variation on over!

Pale Brindled Beauty
Torticodes alternella

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