Thursday 30 April 2009

30 April 2009 - North Yorkshire then Dungeness

The day started badly as I'd had travelled the day before to North Yorkshire for a conference - that I was involved in organising. I had thrown my bag on the bed only to hear mega-alert go off - Creasted Lark at Dungeness. I'd only left Kent at 3.45pm that afternoon.

With news of the Crested Lark still showing this morning I was a little distracted when the boss first suggested I leave the conference and head south. I thought he was joking the second, third and forth time he suggested it.... But as I'm being made redundant in July, when he mentioned it a fifth time. I took him up on the offer!

After setting the conference in motion, I set myself in motion and by 1.50pm I was at Dungeness watching the Crested Lark. Also say Adrian Kettle who was a year tick for me - I hadn't seen Adrian since the Alder Flycatcher.

Since my little son arrived in October 08 only two new birds had arrived in the UK and I'd seen them both - just wonder how long this run of good fortune isgoing to last....

Image is from the Dungeness Bird Observatory website - surely one of the best images of the Lark there is?

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