Tuesday 3 February 2009

3 Febuary 2009 - East Malling

Waxwings still around - and we're loving em!

The recent snow has congregated the thrushes into patches of apples that are clear. The Bearded One set some nets today and I joined him pre-work and during the lunch break for some ringing.

The result was probably the most exciting ringing session on site. The day's tally:

42 Fieldfare
5 Waxwing
26 Redwing
18 Blackbirds
2 Mistle Thrushes
11 Starling
3 Green Woodpeckers
14 Chaffinches
6 Robins
1 Blue Tit
1 Goldfinch
1 Goldcrest

Total of 130 birds

The site is usually excellent for the winter thrushes - providing some really interesting retrap data between winters of Fieldfare (up to about 10% of the national catch of Fieldfare have been ringed each year on this site).

The first Waxwing caught was this female (note the diffuse lower edge ofthe black bib)

Later this male (strong demarkation to the bib) was caught, allowing a useful comparison between the sexes.

And this one - we called him 'Steve'.


Warren Baker said...

Waxwing this, Waxwing that! Waxwing in the hand, I don't care!!! (much Grrrrr)

Steve said...

Steve? Steve? Ha haha are you taking the pee?

Ken. said...

Terrific Waxwing pictures Ross.Also what days ringing you had,a good number and some good species.Nice one.