Sunday 18 May 2008

18 May 2008 - Goring Bridge

A morning visit to Goring Bridge to get fellow Bearded Baldie a hoped-for Club-tailed Dragonfly, found us heading to Goring Bridge this lovely Sunday morning. A closed footpath meant that clambering over a fence or two and wandering through a couple of wet fields was all in order.

The day had been chosen as the Hot News on the Dragonfly website had mentioned that a couple had been seen already this year.

Immediately on arrival we found one insect, right under the bridge - half out of its exuvia with wings only 15mm this poor specimen had clearly died in the final throws of attaining adulthood. I decided to take pictures later after we had found some live specimens. (We later returned to this specimen only to find that it had flown off!! Further nymphs, still wet, were clambering up the brickwork to finally break free and fly off for a life of copulating before succuming to the local Hobby).

Ten minutes later I wasn't feeling quite so comfortable about my choice of day. One minute after that, the first of 20+ Club-tails were located in the riverside vegetation.

During the searches a few other bits were found, including one insect species that I couldn't even say what order it was in.
A successful day, made all the better by following the footpath as far as we could, only to realise that it wasn't closed along the stretch to the car so our wet feet earlier had been completely unnecessary.
Finally got home at noon - to find the wife still in bed - perfect...

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