Wednesday 23 April 2008

23 April 2008 The Watercress Beds, East Malling

To build up a thirst, that brief bit of activity between ending work and entering the King & Queen Public House, the good lady Wiff and I partook of a short walk to the watercress beds. Upon arrival, a quick glimpse and a brief scurry had me thinking that the local Water Voles were up to their old tricks again. After tracking one beast, a bit more hope: a bit more patience and I was nearly eyeball to eyeball; nose to snout with a very confiding Water Vole.

The return walk back to the pub (er car I think I meant) produced a rather lethargic looking Water Shrew. Clearly one of the lazier specimens of the species, this specimen took no notice of us as we stomped by. Had it been a bit more awake it would of been a new mammal tick for me but I am determined not to tick sleeping individuals.

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