Saturday 9 August 2008

9 August 2008 - Nuffin!

Today was going to be the day that The Bearded One and I travelled to Penzance for the pelagic - stopping to get Lesser Horseshoe Bat and piccies of Golden Ringed Dragonflies (just can't see too many of them). With the weather forecast getting steadily worse and now showing a force 6-7, sea - moderate to rough or very rough, we regetably called the trip off. The Bearded One, salty old dog that he is, just ain't got the sea legs.

On the plus side we saved over £1050:
  • 2 x £95 tickets
  • £100 of petrol
  • £100 = 2 nights twin room in Penzance
  • £140 meals and general fodder
  • £30 beer money
  • £500 for the dry cleaning bill had The Bearded One 'lost' his stomach whilst adding to the chum.
On the negative side, we ain't going to see any quality seabirds tomorrow. If a Frigatebird or Little Shearwater gets seen tomorrow, expect to hear screams eminating from Ditton as The Bearded One slowly and painfully.... Nah, a good decision - fingers crossed!

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Warren Baker said...

Hello bald Birder,
I also am bald, well almost!
had a look at your sandpiper pics. Yep it's a common. Wing bar and white gap.
I'll put a link on my site to your blog, and drop in on you from time to time.