Monday 18 August 2008

18 August 2008 - East Malling

Little of note after yesterday's excitements. A lunchtime wander round the site produced three Garden Carpet moths - of which this was the brightest individual (it had an IQ of.. ).

Armed with my copy of 'Spids of Britain and Northern Europe', I thought I'd try and identify a few individuals. The first one I photographed bears no resemblance of any spid in my spid book and is therefore, without any shadow of a doubt, a new species to science - well dome me! Alternatively, of course, one could conclude that I'm crap at spids - any help in identifying this one would be much appreciated (I can't even get to a genus level).

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Chris Kershaw said...

I reckon the spider is probably a wolf spider Pardosa sp. assuming it was free-running as opposed to on or near a web and about 7mm long not including legs. This genus is a bit tricky to identify to species level as you need to look at it's genitals under a microscope!