Monday 25 August 2008

25 August 2008 - Elmley

A morning visit to Elmley RSPB produced sheds loads of Marsh Harriers in cluding this juvenile bird that seemingly took great delight in moving sticks from one place to another.

This young/female also in attendance and welcoming visitors to the reserve.

Loads of Common Darters in the mini woodland - several of them doing their best to look like Ruddy Darters,but from the yellow on the side of the thorax, not black legs, etc, I reckoned I hadn't actually seen any Ruddies all day - Darter or Duck!!!

This Migrant Hawker tried to pose - but unfortunately a bit too high in the bush, resulting in the overly bright background.

Several Brown Argus also in the woodland, trying to take shelter in the strong wind.

Plenty of Curlews on teh reserve, all cleverly staying just out of photo reach.

The Elmley Spid... I really must take the tripod out to get some decent Spid pics - though in today's wind, I suspect that the challenge of an 'in focus' image would still have been too great!

Immature Goldfinch - looking rather smug about something.

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