Saturday 24 January 2009

24 January 2009 - East Malling

After recent comments from Warren and Steve, complaining about Adam and I going on about 'our' Waxwings, I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry for talking about them, not sharing them and not trying to encourage some of these avian jewels to fly to Pittswood or New Hythe.
Instead of going on about Waxwings, here, just for the benefit of Warren and Steve are my first pictures of Winter Aconites, captured in their glory as they bring a splash of vibrant colour to an otherwise cold but still winters day.
In other news today the Little Egret performed well along the road beside Hatton Gardens - a very confiding chap. Grey Heron and Siskins also at Bradbourne House.

Elsewhere on site, this fine male Fieldfare showed well on the top of the apple trees - admired by many and doubtless eyed-up by the local Sparrowhawks that were buzzing around.

And finally, one Waxwing seen today in a brief check by East Malling Church. Fantastic wee beasties if you ask me, such a pleasure to have them on site for such a prolonged spell and so pleasing that they have performed (on occasion) for the visiting birders. I just can't enough of Waxwings - and I'm sure that Adam agrees!!!

Waxwing - my favourite bird (at the moment!)

Ken - Nice to meet you mate. I hope we can lure you back to East Malling for other birds soon - or the King and Queen for a pint!


Warren Baker said...

You just couldn't resist it could you!!!
Nice post till the last bit !

The Bald Birder said...

Warren - You're 100% right. I saw Adam's snowdrop pictures and thought I'd get in on the act! All healthy stuff. Ross

Steve said...

Very funny. VERY funny. Nice pics btw....I am starting to 'go on' about Bittern now in retaliation

Ken. said...

Hi Baldie
Nice selection of pictures. Something for all of us. Great to meet you today.Oh I mentioned to Pam about getting a all terrain buggy like you suggested so she could push me around?......She was not impressed!!

Ken. said...

Hi Ross.
I have just put on my blog about my Norfolk break, but what I was wondering was if anything comes up on your pager about birds in North Norfolk is there any chance you might send me a text. I would have emailed you but I don't have your address. My Number is 07847 296 852. Cheers.