Monday 19 January 2009

19 January 2009 - various points around East Malling, Kent

An early lunch was taken to enable me to check for any Waxwings near east Malling Church before Adam... Sure enough, despite no records since last Wednesday, I could see something interesting in the lime trees in the Church yard. Bins up and flippin eck - there's loads of them.

I phoned Adam whilst counting, 20, 21, 22 ish. Adam was suitably gripped - and very polite and complimentary about the find. Whosh, and they departed North, just as I got to 26 birds in total. Steadily they tracked towards The House of The Bearded One, but then changed West and dropped a bit. Collecting the Bearded One we were in hot pursuit - one complete lap of East Malling and no sign - bugger!

After dropping the Bearded One off near his car, I returned to the office. Handbrake, neutral, car door open, step out and hear lots of little trilling sounds from the tree the other side of the walled garden - open car door, extract bins and confirmed ID - the Waxwings.

I then shot round to Garner Drive and had the birds coming down to Viburnum berries - nice.

Several Siskins heard calling - doubtless Adam will arive, miss the Waxwings but get cracking snaps of Siskins....


Warren Baker said...

All this waxwing talk, everyones got waxwings except me!!

Adam said...

Strange how predictable I am! Where's your photos of the Waxwings or Siskins for that matter!!! Thanks for putting the groundwork in again.