Saturday 3 May 2008

3 May 2008 Bonsai Bank, Nr Canterbury

An 'us' visit to Bonsai Bank eventually found me at the correct carpark - an achievement that had taken so very much longer when on a previous visit with the 'bearded one' (but then again, his map reading is cr*p even with his glasses on).

A short search provided us with the clue we needed to find the Dukes - someone else who had just seen them in a different area of the wood. Only two were found but thankfully they were extremely confiding - even he 'bearded one' may have been able to get a few blurry snaps.

A few Lady Orchids nearby were not quite as advanced as some locations in Kent this year - but nice all the same. Early Purple Orchids in full bloom provided me with a rare opportunity to get an OK shot or two - something that I've been too late for in previous years.