Wednesday 28 May 2008

27 May 2008 Chappets Wood, Hants

An early morning visit to the Doctor confirmed that I was in danger of contracting man flu. Clearly I should not go to work - indeed, spreading my germs around the family home could put the good lady wife in danger of this terrible disease. The prescription: fresh air.
Taking the nature of the illness most seriously, I rang Lorna to arrange a day out. Shortly afterwards, the Bearded One and I were heading for Chappets Wood (spelling?), not far off the A30.
One Sword-leaved Helleborine seen along the road leading to the wood - in the wood itself, vast carpets (well, a few hundred plants). The rain of the past few days had caused lots of petal spotting so few flowers were really photographable.
The Bearded One wandered off in his usual senile, "where am I?", way, only to wander aimlessly back with tales of White Helleborine and Bird's Nest Orchid - yeh, right. I then followed The Bearded One who showed me several White Helleborine and a very smart Bird's Nest orchid - nice. A mass of strange snails mooching around, provided me with a new species - though I have no idea exactly which species as yet.
We headed off to explore New Forest stuff.
A call from Mr Bootlace informed me that he and The Spaniel would be heading for Cornwall to see the Small-flowered Tongue Orchid on Thursday - I wasn't sure that I could do Thursday.

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