Sunday 8 October 2023

8 October 2023 - Cape May Warbler, Achill Island, Co Mayo

North American warblers are very few and certainly far between - the Blackburnian Warbler on Bryher in 2022 was brilliant: the Magnolia and then Bay-breasted Warblers in Wales in 2023 were fantastic, but the opportunity to pop over to Ireland to see a Cape May Warbler was too much to resist. 

A few pounds on the RyanAir flight and hire car journey later and I was on my own watching a Cape May Warbler at eight metres distance. I was joined soon after arrival by Aiden Kelly - we both saw it well but wanted better views the following morning in better light.

Lee Gregory turned up early and took some brilliant shots before heading off for the Double-crested Cormorant - I flew home, more than happy with what I'd seen!   

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