Tuesday 4 September 2018

Some Scilly Macro Moths - 18-25 Aug 2018

Managed to fit a little sugaring in to my family holiday on Scilly this year. Spent two nights in windy conditions not finding Black-banded on Penninis and then a stiller evening in Carreg Dhu Garden.

White-speck (a dark one), Penninis, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
White-speck (as above) 
White-speck (as above)
Angle Shades (left) and White-speck (right)
Dark Sword Grass (a nice dark one)
Red Underwing, Tesco Abbey Gardens, Tresco (also found another in Carreg Dhu Garden)
Mullein Wave
Angle Shades
Yellow-tail (masses of them on the footpath out to Penninis)
Small Blood-vein
Ruby Tiger
Yellow Shell (a nice bald one!)
Small Fan-footed Wave

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