Tuesday 19 August 2014

18 Aug 2014 - Kirkmichael, Perthshire

A wee holiday has finally arrived - another return to the out-laws in Perthshire. This evening I managed a couple of hours on the moors west of Kirkmichael (temperatures are low 7oC by 11.30pm...) - drizzle/rain and the fact that its been blowing a hooly since we arrived hasn't filled me with confidence. Total macro catch was only 21, but it did include: Pale Eggar (1), Minor Shoulder-knot(2), Haworth's Minor (3), Large Ear (2), Chevron (5), Autumnal Rustic (3), Dark Marbled Carpet (2), Large Yellow-underwing (1), Dark Arches (1) and a faded carpet that was so bad I released to enjoy its last moments on planet earth.

Pale Eggar
Pale Eggar
Minor Shoulder-knot
Haworth's Minor
Large Ear
Autumnal Rustic

Moorland micro - several of these beauties...
Dark Arches - nice that there was only one!

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