Wednesday, 17 July 2013

17 July 2013 - West Kent

Went out to do some trapping on a reserve last night and caught a very healthy 78 spp of macros before packing up at around midnight. Best of the catch was 5 Lappets - and I didn't think they still occurred in West Kent. Leopard Moth (4), Oak Eggar (3), Drinker (2), Herald Moth (1), L-album Wainscot (5) - all very welcome. Some other images from the night are below.


Barred Rivulet ? (is this righ though?)

Varied Coronet

Peppered Moth var. carbonaria

Beautiful Hooktip

Large Emerald

Marbled White-spot

Scarce Footman

Short Cloaked Moth

Small Dusty Wave

Southern Wainscot - I think

Micro 1

Micro 2

Micro 3

pug - grey?

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