Saturday 2 May 2009

1 & 2 May 2009 - Portland, Dorset

Flippin eck! Mega-alert: Eastern Bonelli's Warbler on Portland - time to leave work... Or at least I wanted to, but it was Friday afternoon and I was in The George Public House wishing a colleague farewell as he departed for the new HQ in Warwickshire. I gave my speech and threw him his presents before finally cracking and driving to Portland. With very heavy traffic we encountered delay after delay and finally we arrived at 8.05pm - 30 minutes after the bird was last seen. Oh well, I guess that answers yesterday's question!
An overnight in a hotel provided us with another opportunity for the Warbler - had it been present. Instead we had to console ourselves with the wonderful Collared Flycatcher (picture by Steve Nutall) in an apple tree, before finally heading for home.
A brief stop at Radipole enabled us to get a plumage tick on this very tame duck - wild, it is certainly not - we had it down to less than 3 feet!

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