Sunday 1 February 2009

1 Febuary 2009 - Not at Pannel Valley NR, East Sussex

With occasional news of a Great Grey Shrike at Pannel Valley Nature Reserve, nr Rye, I decided that a photo opportunity was in my grasp.

I found Pannel Farm, I found Little or Lower Pannel something else - but could I work out how to get to the NR? Could I buggery! Some 'folk' drove out of Pannel Farm so I asked them the directions, they pointed back up the road and talked about canels. I suspect that I was parked in the right place (not that they said that) and could have easily walked to the site - but as they hadn't given me distances, I was clueless about what to do.

After lots of walking and driving around, I went home. The result - probably 100 miles driving and one Water Rail. Bollocks!

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